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Building Friendships Through Philanthropy

Assistance League of Rancho San Dieguito -- $15,000
Operation School Bell

Program Description:

The primary objective of Operation School Bell (OSB) is to provide clothing and shoes to students from low-income families. A secondary aim of the program is to create a family-centric experience that provides a learning opportunity for managing and maximizing the purchasing potential of available shopping dollars.


The RSF Women’s Fund grant funds allowed many additional children to go shopping at Target, Encinitas for new school clothes. The 2022-2023 program was funded through a combination of sources (including the RSFWF grant), Assistance League Thrift Shop revenues, and private donations. In total, $87,577.07 was collected for this effort, (exceeding the proposed budget of $86,000). In total, 875 children participated in this year’s program, each receiving $100 to spend. The number of children benefitting from this program is determined solely by the total available funding. Therefore, the $15,000 received from the RSF Women’s Fund clothed 150 children and increased their confidence and sense of. Belonging in an academic environment.

Future Plans:

To address increasing retail costs, the amount per child will be increased from $100 to $120. Assistance League Rancho San Dieguito will continue to prioritize their philanthropic dollars to support this program and will seek additional grant funding/financial contributions to support the same (or ideally greater) number of children in next year’s shopping experience.