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Building Friendships Through Philanthropy

Bench honoring RSF Women's Fund founder Gayle Gillies-Mize is now installed in Village Park

The name plate on the bench commemorating the life and legacy of RSF Women’s Fund founder Gayle Gillies-Mize.

JULY 30, 2020–2:46 PM

The Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Fund recently announced that a bench commemorating the life and legacy of its founder, Gayle Gillies-Mize, is now installed in the very heart of the community she so humbly served for over 50 years. Gillies-Mize founded the Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Fund in 2004 in an effort to engage women in collective philanthropy. Since that time, the RSF Women’s Fund has awarded over $4 million in grants to local and regional nonprofit organizations, and touched the lives of thousands.

Next time you’re in the RSF Village, head toward the large oak tree at the southwest corner of Village Park. Like Gillies-Mize, the bench underneath that tree will serve as a pillar of philanthropy, and encourage members of the community to engage in thoughtful conversations for years to come.

A dedication ceremony will be held later this year (to be announced).

To learn more about the Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Fund, visit rsfwomensfund.org, contact Korri Ball (womensfund@rsffoundation.org) or Judy Oliphant (judy@dwoent.com) for membership information, or attend an RSFWF event this fall, pending COVID-19 restrictions:

  • Sept. 10: “Mix & Mingle” lunch (Pony Room, Rancho Valencia)
  • Week of Sept. 14: 2020 Grant Celebration
  • Week of Sept. 21: 2021 Grants Kickoff
  • Oct. 14: “Mix & Mingle” Happy Hour (member’s private residence)
  • Nov. 10: General/Speaker Meeting (RSF Golf Club)
  • Nov. 16: “Mix & Mingle” Happy Hour (member’s private residence)
  • Nov. 17: New Member Social (member’s private residence)