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Building Friendships Through Philanthropy

August, 2023 Newsletter

August, 2023 Newsletter Board Chair — Nikki Carmody Ream Past Board Chair — Susan Hoehn Historian — Candise Holmlund Grants Co-Chairs — Cathy Burch and Kathy Sage Incoming Grants Co-Chairs — Maritia Walper and Sara Bennett Past Grant Co-Chairs — Mara Buchholz and Nikki Carmody Ream Membership Co-Chairs— Cheryl Salmen and Melissa D’Amour Finance Co-Chairs — Beth Terrana and Diane Solomon Program Co-Chairs — Kirstjen Nielsen and Muffy Walker Publicity Chair — Elia Surran […]

Spring, 2023 Newsletter

March, 2023 Newsletter Letter from Our Board Chair Happy Women’s History Month! While we all know  that women do incredible things throughout the year,  this honorary month offers another opportunity to  focus our support, respect, and appreciation for the  women making a difference in our communities. As a Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Fund Member, YOU are  one […]

August 2022 Newsletter

Summer Newsletter, 2022 Hello and Happy Summer! It is mid-summer, and we want to catch you up on Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Fund news. I hope you are all having a stellar summer and enjoying adventures, good times, and some rest. Website Update The Board (no longer referred to as the “Advisory Board” but just […]

June 2022 Newsletter

Letter from our Board Chair It is the end of a great year for Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Fund! We all feel such a sense of elation having given out $490,000 in grants to the 10 worthy organizations specially chosen for their integrity, innovation and influence in the community. I know you join me in […]

February 2021 Newsletter

Hello Ladies,  I cannot tell you how excited I am to put 2020 in the rear-view mirror and move on to 2021, and yet we are reminded that a year like the last is why we come together as a collective giving fund to support our community, our city, and our country. I’m proud of […]

November 2020 Newsletter

Dear Members, It is hard to believe we are nearing the end of 2020 and I can’t say I am sorry to see it go.  This year has been full of challenges and transitions in each of our day to day lives.  It has also been a unique year for the Women’s Fund.  In March when […]

August 2020 Newsletter

We are pleased to announce that a new bench honoring our extraordinary founder Gayle Gillies Mize, has been installed in the RSF village. If you are facing the Inn and looking at the parks, it is on your right side under the large oak tree in the corner if you would like to visit in […]

June 2020 Newsletter

Dear Members, Charles Dickens famously began The Tale of Two Cities with “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times”.  Doesn’t that sound like 2020!  A year that began with such hope and promise has quickly morphed into one of the most challenging periods of our lifetimes. I hope and trust each of you […]