Congratulations to our 2023-24 Grant Recipients! 

Building Friendships Through Philanthropy

Center for Community Solutions (CCS) -- $50,000
Supporting Children and Families in Domestic Violence Shelters During a Time of Crisis

Program Description:

Center for Community Solutions’ mission is to end relationship and sexual violence by being a catalyst for caring communities and social justice. We requested funds from the RSFWF to support our two North County shelter programs. These programs ensure safe and continuing services for survivors of relationship violence and their children. At the height of the COVID pandemic, CCS saw a 64% increase in calls to our 24-hr crisis hotline, with most calls relating to domestic violence. The $50,000 in funds received from RSFWF was specifically requested to allow CCS to add two staff positions and add emergency assistance funds for survivors in order to better address this increase in need at our two North County Shelters. 


Over the last year, CCS’ Hotline Coordinator, Advocacy Support Facilitators and Certified Volunteers provided trauma-informed response to 5,888 callers to CCS’ Hotline.

In addition, CCS’ two shelter locations in North County provided safe and confidential shelter for 63 adults and 88 children (151 individuals) for an average of 45 days resulting in 8,897 bed nights. While residing with CCS, all basic needs were supported and clients were provided ongoing advocacy and linkages to CCS’ comprehensive wrap-around services (child advocacy, counseling, and legal services). Scores on a self-sufficiency matrix assessment reflected 142.83% increase in relationship and household safety and a 25.8% improvement in support systems for residential clients. 

Finally, individual emergency client assistance in the form of $100 gift cards was provided to shelter clients in need for expenses such as gasoline for their car so they could continue to work and new clothes for children. Whole shelter emergency assistance went toward a critical fence repair and A/C repair of shelters experiencing over 110 degrees internally. 

Future Plans:

With RSFWF grant investment, CCS received the traction needed to address spikes in calls for help and positioned us to keep survivor residents safe during and beyond the pandemic. CCS remains committed to seeking multiple funding streams to maintain and deepen services. In North County alone, we have grown financial support through both government contracts and private donations. With each successful grant project, CCS also increases its ability to explore growing shelter options, which are lacking to a stunning degree in the San Diego region. Historically, thanks to our expertise, partnerships, and fiscal fortitude, our shelter services have increased or have been enhanced over time, and we project that this will continue.