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Community Resource Center (CRC) -- $50,000
CRC Domestic Violence Transitional Housing Units Interior Remodeling

Program Description:

Originally formed to address homelessness and hunger in the community, Community Resource Center now offers extensive programs that facilitate the safety, stability, and self-sufficiency of low-income and episodically homeless households, including domestic violence victims. The $50,000 grant from the RSF Women’s Fund was awarded in May of  2022 to remodel and modernize the interiors of their Domestic Violence (DV) Transitional Housing units, with kitchen cabinets, appliances, bedroom furniture, living room sets, bathroom fixtures, and other household furnishings.


This project has had a profound impact on the domestic violence survivors served by CRC’s Transitional Housing program by providing them with safe transitional housing while they are enrolled in CRC’s supportive services, counseling, childcare, transportation, life skills, and education and/or job training.  These services are available for up to 24 months to facilitate recovery and create stability. The remodeled transitional housing units now serve up to 12 survivors and their families annually.

Initially, CRC had planned to remodel all four housing units through this project. However, construction infrastructure expenses, electrical, plumbing, and hazardous materials abatement (asbestos, lead paint) for these units were more than expected, causing CRC to divide the remodeling project into two phases. To date, they have completed the remodel work on two units. They are currently in the process of raising funds to complete the two remaining units.

Of the $50,000 granted by the RSFWF, 100% of the proceeds went directly to the renovation costs.

Future Plans:

CRC estimates that the interior remodeling will be serviceable for 10 to 15 years, with maintenance and interior repainting as needed. Furniture may need to be replaced in five years dependent on use. As previously mentioned, fundraising efforts are currently underway to raise the additional monies needed to remodel the remaining two units.