Congratulations to our 2023-24 Grant Recipients! 

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GenerateHope -- $50,000
GenerateHope Recovery and Transition Programs

Program Description:

GenerateHope provides a long-term, comprehensive housing and recovery program for young women ages 18 and above who have been sexually trafficked so that they can recover from the complex trauma, develop new social, educational, and vocational strengths, then reintegrate into society and walk powerfully into their future.

In addition to the program services offered, GenerateHope collaborates with multiple community partners for the crucial services that cannot be provided onsite, such as medical, hospital, psychiatric, chiropractic and dental care, acupuncture, legal assistance, church involvement, crisis house placements, and referrals to other programs. 


GenerateHope was able to meet its goals during the 2022-23 period.  During the term of this grant, they served 23 unique survivors in its two long-term residential programs in San Diego. Survivors celebrated the following accomplishments: Graduation from a local university with a bachelor’s degree; successfully completion of the Recovery and Transition programs;  significant decreases in mental health symptoms (as measured by numerous mental health metrics);  and commencing community college/vocational training programs. Of the residents who completed the Recoveryprogram and moved into the Transition program, the average length of stay was approximately 15 months.

Funds awarded by RSF Women’s Fund allowed GenerateHope’s staff to provide daily program activities, which include group and individual therapy, individualized trauma-informed case management, education and vocational skills training, life skill development, financial literacy classes, and adjunct therapies.

Future Plans:

GenerateHope’s future goals include securing permanent affordable housing for graduates of the Recovery and Transition programs, opening an emergency shelter program for survivors, and embarking on social enterprise endeavors to both support the existing programs’ funding and equip residents with vocational skills. GenerateHope has established a three-year funding plan to ensure sustainability and growth in relation to strategic initiatives. The plan includes securing multiple-year commitments from donors, grant makers, and organizations.