Congratulations to our 2023-24 Grant Recipients! 

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Operation HOPE-North County -- $34,500
HOPE for Youth in Shelter

Program Description:

The purpose for the HOPE for Youth in Shelter Program is for every child who comes through the program to be able to thrive in a safe and supportive environment. Together, with the support of our staff and community partners, we focus on the key areas of problem-solving abilities, coping skills, communication, and educational opportunities to support their developmental growth while in shelter. The activities, goals and objectives of the program provides every child who enters the program with safe shelter, daily meals, showers, case management, support, tutoring and age-appropriate programming. 


COVID-19 has continued to have a great impact on our programming. Anytime there was a positive case either on staff or within the clients in shelter, OHNC had to pause all volunteer programming. This impacted both the onsite support available and, at times, the one-on-one tutoring support. To overcome this obstacle, staff worked with our community partners to provide virtual support to all clients and children when shelter was in quarantine. All other services continued with no interruption including providing safe shelter, daily meals, case management services, weekly skill building courses and food distribution through the Pantry of HOPE. 

Measurable Outcomes for the program include: Total Number of Youth Served = 119. Total Number of Hours of Tutoring Provided = 11,088.

Future Plans:

The community greatly supports the HOPE for Youth in Shelter program. It continues to amaze us how community members, groups, corporations, foundations, cities and churches all come together to contribute to the mission and success of the program. With the growing number of individuals experiencing homelessness and seeking safe shelter and services, over 50% of those served in our program continue to be children. Operation HOPE-North County remains committed to the HOPE for Youth in Shelter program and to providing essential services to families with children experiencing homelessness. OHNC will continue partnerships with MCC, Palomar, CSUSM Colleges, continue to expand partnerships within the community to provide the best services possible to meet the youth’s needs, bring on a permanent Youth Coordinator who, alongside the Director of Programs and Case Managers, will identify the youths’ needs, and create, implement and expand the children’s programs.