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RSF Women's Fund: 5.7 million reasons to celebrate

June 26,2024 –11:49 AM

On Monday, May 13, at Steak 48 in the Del Mar Highlands Town Center, the Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Fund celebrated with a special tribute to the trailblazing Gayle Gilles-Mize and the women’s organization’s charter members, whose contributions have been instrumental in the fund’s success. Earlier this month, the Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Fund achieved a significant milestone by awarding more than $5.7 million over its 20-year history, according to a news release

Founded by Gayle Gilles-Mize in November 2004, the fund has experienced remarkable growth. It started with 80 women generously granting $100,000 to four San Diego-based charitable organizations in its first year, and 20 years later, it awarded a record-breaking $500,000 at its May 7 awards meeting to 11 local nonprofits. The RSFWF has granted to over 110 different nonprofit organizations in San Diego and North County, reviewed 426 proposal applications, conducted 263 site visits, and given over $5.7 million to 165 projects serving the community and significantly impacting lives, according to the news release.

“Of course, the financial impact we make on our grantees is significant, but they also gain exposure to future investment, increased volunteer base and dedicated, accomplished women who often get involved in leadership or board roles. We would like to thank Steak 48 Del Mar for being an amazing community partner and allowing us to do even more this year through their support,” said Nikki Carmody Ream, board advisory president of the Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Fund, in the news release.

More than just a grant provider, the Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Fund is a platform that empowers women to connect, network, engage in service projects, and stay informed about crucial community and philanthropic issues. To explore the RSF Women’s Fund or join them, visit — RSF Women’s Fund news release